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ive been planting different varities of hardy bamboo around my house in denver for 7 years now and still havnt gotten it to explode. most varieties have died, probably cuz i plant them to much in shade, i dont know. i just wish they would take and get big and i could harvest them and make things with them and sell more plants to people so they could do the same. theres alot of good things about the south, but i think the fact that massive bamboo grows down there is the best. ill keep trying. heres some shots from around my garden and gardens around the world

lets start the show with this fearsome fucker from down unda
wonderful shades of color and huge

a stash at the botanical gardens in sydney

this is how they usually come to me- a rootball shipped

i lost this phyllostachys aureosulcata or harbin inversa

i also lost this yellow groove bamboo
that had a wonderful zig zag in 08

this is my phyllostachys bissetii- ive had it the longest, since 07.
it gets alot of sun and that may be the key
this is its first spring outdoors

i use the rocks behind it to keep some heat near there in the winter. fall 08

it didnt like the winter- march 09

its back and spreading a bit by the summer 09

lookin dead again in the spring of 10. every year it sheds the old culms

but if you look closely you can see some shoots arriving

heres what them shoots do, shoot out from the old growth. may 12

another set of shoots.
i love seeing this, they grow quick,
and it means they survived another winter. june 13

closeup of branches and leaves starting to open

getting real bushy in the summer of 2015

close bissetii
closeup of thickness

heres another plant thats been with me for a while
the p. rubro-marginata in the background

probably just put in the soil, august 07

some small young shoots

this plant shoots in the fall. this is sept 08

this is the same rubro, next year.
shooting a bit more

the nxt spring, old the old growth is mostly dead

but by fall its looking good

a couple of years later, and its getting smaller,
but still holding on- may 12

i thought it was gone, probably will be after winter
but its still hanging on in the summer of 2015

heres my original buy from the gator farm before i cut it in 2.
temple or semiarundinaria fastuosa can get pretty big and wide

org shoot
it was shooting when i divided it spring 15

new shoot
the stock temple plant sits on my back porch, so i notice it often.
summer 2015 and a new shoot rockets up

heres a closeup of that shoot before branches

the tip pushes for out with the branches

a bamboo plants growth is really cool

the sheath falls of late summer

the other half of the temple species went out to my front yard for full sun

after it planted i got a couple shoots coming out very sideways

i imagine this angle comes from me just dividing the plant and rearranging the rhizome underground

temple stock
late summer of 2015 the temple plant i planted seems to be doing well.
it was well watered so far and the culms went vertical

this windbreak, or bashania fargesii bamboo was also obtained
from the gator farm. this is from when it was first planted
in the spring of 2015

as of august 2015 no new shoots have emerged,
but its looking healthy

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