up in the high country, way up there, out there- we did a second solar thermal system for kate and her husband. this one was at a house that was out of hand. the dome structures were made out of concrete and boasted many proofs. fire proof, avalanche proof, hurricane proof and earthquake proof were the bonuses of this place

the plastic shell was blown up and then rebar and concrete were shot inside. thats why it has that bag look

i think that lil pod is the wine cellar, which will be buried

this place was made for this spot

1 main pod was for living space the other pod was a mechanical area and garden

why live in a regular house? its probably cheaper

heres luke stickin his rear in into the garage

inside it almost looks like a normal construction project

putting a square window into a round hole

i never got to see the finished project

the front door leads you into a tunnel

a totally skateable tunnel

alot of give and take in this house with skateboard terrain

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