space heat from a fan coil unit

the general concept is pushing hot water through a coil while a blower is sending air through it. i have a self enclosed fan coil unit called a McQuay in this example, but you could do it with any fan that blows through radiator style coils moving a hot fluid. i have a supply and return to my 700 gallon solar thermal drainback tank and 120 volts traveling from controls to the unit.

all of it
i blended the square metal unit in the wall with magnets

i dont hink anyone will get burned and i like the way they look. plus i didnt have to rip out walls. 160 plus solar water- hot and cool

fan coil
the blower pulls air through a filter at the bottom of the unit and sends it across the radiator coil heated with solar hot water. makes for a clean humid heat

thermostat in room closes on a call for heat. this closes a relay and sends power to the aquastat set point controller. if the solar tank is above 120 degrees, the lead is closed and power goes to the pump for hot water and blower for air circulation

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