iceberg lakes

a couple weeks before, we did a hike near here and sorta scoped it out. i went back and did it right before it started snowing again up there. id give this hike a 9. these lakes werent on a trail, just had to follow water and keep going up. views were killer and no one was around


the trail has lots of nice details

this was the trail, just get up to that low point

thats clayton lake all the way down there and some lil pond

i came in and got this view right away

thats the divide up there

waters pretty clear, pretty cold. i think the fishin's good. easy to see trout

thats one of two giving it the lakessss

your so up there when your here. pretty vulnurable to weather

i always look forward to seeing these guys up here

this is the other iceberg lake

echos for days

coming down was just as steep

this is the trail, steepest hiking ive ever done