sk8opia overview

This farm in southern ohio has generated quite a few crazy stories, gnarly photos, and 'what the fuck' videos. and if you havent figured it out by now, its a place where skateboarders can be skateboarders. it is skatopia, and we all have brewce martin to thank for it. my first experience there was overwhelming. it was the annual spring jam, which brought many weekend campers from all over the US and every hip person who lives near southern ohio. a couple hundred people in total where there. spreading themselves across the 88 acres to shoot guns, burn cars, four wheel drive and listen to hard fast music, like JFA. but the main event was the skating.


Science Fair and Brewce ruled the pool. Brewces bag of tricks musta bust open, cuz shit was flying everywhere. Red was padless and fearless the whole weekend. murf was there taking advantage of the curves. Then there was this drunk guy doing backside tailslides over the hip. didnt realize it was rune glifberg till i saw the stalefishes on the vert ramp the next day. rune came with remy and the rest of the touring volcom team, which added even more talent covered in drink and smoke.
   the deal with this place is that its a farm on private land. brewce loves to have guests, but contact him before hand. goto for more on that. you can camp, skate, drink, shoot guns....whatever you want as long as you dont fuck with the ramps. besides the bowl, theres also a steel vert ramp thats almost done hipping into a mini. i have a pano that describes most of this place. more construction is underway as i type.

  da bowl  

the bowl is a leftish kidney with a heavy big end and a radical transition to get there. 13 feet deep, 3 of thats vert, and no flat down there. falling down theres a trip because you gotta run to the shallow end, and then to the lip. what an experience on dusty masonite. id bring soft wheels, but thats just me. i have some pictures and sounds from this little nugget.

not only can you see amazing skating here, but also amazing skateboards. future plans include a skateboard museum that will blow you away. brewce already has enough boards to keep you busy for hours of astonishment. your donation of old school skate gear will become part of the biggest collection ever!


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