this is a great place folks. who would ever think one of the craziest places you could have a party would be in southern ohio? not i. but i believe it now. the locals call it fort meigs. meigs being a dirt poor county that has a long tradition on being on the forefront of fun and freedom. since the days of varmits, and maybe earlier, some meigs county folk have had a different, and often viewed as crazy way of life. its just so far away from most of us that a sort of evolution has been going on there and some of us are just catching on. gone are the days of super cronic growing, in the come the days of super gnarly skateboarding.

its a fort. a valley-side with trees, a couple of barns, and a huge architecture project concealed as a skatepark. what to call it? a boomerang halfpipe with 2 butt cheeks and an oververt bowld in corner that flows into a concrete spine to get to the other square mini bowl. its form would ignite the interest of daniel libeskind, or some other abstract modern freakazoid architecht.

fun and freedom? do you know what im talking about? this place will entice you to be yourself. get those chains of society's rights and wrongs and smash'em and crash'em and burn'em and shoot'em and piss on'em. then walk around looking for more fun.

these are pictures and quicktime clips of backwoods blowout 4 - sept 98.

*ography by jerry


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