little mermaid
slob air
indy poke
copenhagen was another magical place with its northern architecture and wandering waterways. it was a place where history is important and therefore modern architecture struggles to fit in. modern ideas do very much exist. like the transportation system of special bikes placed all over the city. for a small coin deposit, you can grab a bike and ride it all around. when your done, just find a rack, lock it up, and get your coin back. the downfall to this is the cost of replacing parts is high. an indestructable bike needs to be designed i guess. anyway... hans christian andersons little mermaid (we all remember this dont we??) sits on a rock in the harbor here. feeding the imagination of many.
this attraction was so low i would have walked right by it if i hadnt seen all the people taking pictures. its a small medievel type villiage surrounded by the large concrete building of the city.
lil copen
back side air
crail slide
there are 2 skateparks in copenhagen. the main one is big, complete and old. there was a really shallow snake run that led into a tiny bowl and 2 60 foot wide quarter pipes facing each other that were about 20 years old. but since then theyve added a steel vert ramp, 16 foot wide mini, and a spacious street course. it really seemed like the way a park should be. it was part of a large public park (free) so it had lawns and picnic areas to chill. with so much space, some obstacles were getting sessioned solely, while others were part of lines people were drawing. Finally! this was a place in europe where skateboarders outnumbered bladers. and they were good. both on street and vert i was seeing very good skating.
did i metion the killer vert session i found?
qtvr scene

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