rampbook now give me millions

backyard beast 5/15
phase 3 6/12 - 5/13
phase 2 6/11 - 5/12
the west wing build 3/11 - 5/11
skate 7/10 - 11/11
construction 5/10 - 8/10

1/2 ply
3/8 ply
exterior paint- camo colors

dont park on my street

Fueled by

6th annual memorial day

its like the raddest mini ramp on
top of the raddest mini ramp
-peter gunn

holy shit, its the boomerang ramp
-mike cruz

its where ramps go to get skated

Whats in the Recycler?
bill ross's mini
bad egg mini
jimbos mini
tucks mini
breakfast mini
boulder vert ramp
(that moved to the church
then to a private spot)
kevins indoor mini
bowl trolls mini
rickys mini

parts of...
the fallen warehouse
thrifty stick mini
vans westminster
old broomfield park
espn/woodward park

coping from...
bowl trolls beer cans
james's old penrose
university pool
best buy roman
joels 80 block stash
team pain crete
broomfield park steel
ricky martin

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Foto Feed

jo fro
greg would walk on the airplane all drunk and tell everyone he knew karate. joe would skate my ramp and everyone knew he knew karate

jo fro 1
isnt 1 of the 7 challenges of becoming a nija to knock someone out while doing a fakie ollie?

jo stale
staying in the realm of fakie, heres a cobra clutch

jo fke
floatin out on a fakie ollie. i think it might be time for new trucks

jo grb
more fakie variations from joe

jo lein d
lein disaster in fro effect

jo boneless
we didnt know what to call this one. most of us agreed with the frontside backside boneless transfer. joe made it before we could figure it out

air to fakie transfer from berry

chris might be the only one i know to palm his airs

strange one
come to think of it, not many people do most tricks that berry does.
the boneless to fakie is a rare viewing at any session where there isnt a stranger

greasy loves those stick and poke tattoos as well as stick and poke lein to tails

greasy ollie
see that fence back there that greasy is ollien over? well the top part blew over in a spot one time. so i put some extra coping up along the bamboo, so it wouldnt snap again. well next big windstorm and the whole fence went down. concrete got ripped up, metal got bent, and my invisible fence was down. now i have 6 5"dia steel tubes cemented in the ground to support my security system.

greasy wall
crail onto the wall

kyle blastin a crail tweaker one ramp to the other