rampbook now give me millions

backyard beast 5/15
phase 3 6/12 - 5/13
phase 2 6/11 - 5/12
the west wing build 3/11 - 5/11
skate 7/10 - 11/11
construction 5/10 - 8/10

1/2 ply
3/8 ply
exterior paint- camo colors

dont park on my street

Fueled by

6th annual memorial day

its like the raddest mini ramp on
top of the raddest mini ramp
-peter gunn

holy shit, its the boomerang ramp
-mike cruz

its where ramps go to get skated

Whats in the Recycler?
bill ross's mini
bad egg mini
jimbos mini
tucks mini
breakfast mini
boulder vert ramp
(that moved to the church
then to a private spot)
kevins indoor mini
bowl trolls mini
rickys mini

parts of...
the fallen warehouse
thrifty stick mini
vans westminster
old broomfield park
espn/woodward park

coping from...
bowl trolls beer cans
james's old penrose
university pool
best buy roman
joels 80 block stash
team pain crete
broomfield park steel
ricky martin

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Foto Feed

im considering it done. theres a lil more tightning of the layer and adding walls around the underneath, but the transfers are on, the exposed aggregate coping is sauced, and i can walk around not compelled to work on something. what a feeling- 3 and a half months of skate prison (as science calls it) and coming out stoked on building something out of old ramps that will keep me excited for years. the tricks are gonna be twisted, the transfers are gonna be ridiculous, and lines are gonna be unmatched anywhere. im thankful for all the great help. greg, steve, vince, merk (east coast ramp design) tuck, matty, wastell, terrill, big ed, beer boys, team pain guys (lance and curt could be on the wood crew) troy, greasy, stranger, spidey, james, fro jo, go tom, grindline (shaggy and the river crew), bruce, the motts, jimbo, brisco, nels, keith, mikey, lisa, joel, craig, bill ross, fairplay john, montrose scott, bryan d, gerrick and who else?? all the people who built all the ramps i got

im liking the no roundwall thing i got going. the no concrete tranny thing is pretty nice too

mots on me
negativeion twistin up some bad egg with 5.9 stitchin it up

mots on me
from the set back extension you can ride up the hip on the deck, float onto the pool block deck or go over it into the everchanging mott tranny. frontside and backside are fairly symetric, but im a goofy backsider and im sure it shows

from the beer stand
its gonna be all about floating up and down all those obstacles- and they are not easy. this isnt a micro ramp, its a mini ramp. or a couple mini ramps

its kind of a pyramid of trannys

exposed lip
this is the icing on the cake. the exposed aggregate that rolls with the whole deck. im thinkin its gonna be real loud

camo acid
heres some acid stained blocks that lance and i worked on. gearin up for the camo theme

the end is in sight. i work on it daily

worked up
down to one last wall of skatelite layering. then its on to transfer city

jez theres alot of projects going on out here. grindline and team pain have been blowin our scene up. getting a few sessions in between work days.

personally, i think the skater of the year award should goto someone who not only rips, but contributes as well. what better way to contribute as a skateboarder to skateboarding than to build great terrain- both on and off the clock. a regular footed line on a goofy wall, shaggy performs the ollie back



have i mentioned how everything just keeps coming together just right? the coping grindline did at a park in duval washington is the shit. i rode it and thought it was the best. i remember how loud boardslides sounded. now as im to the point of pouring this escalator lip, the same guys that did that coping (and the same stuff in houston) are in town workin on a park. more than a few phone calls and more than a few trips around town for the best ingredients, a bunch of us got together and made the duval coping (as i call it). im pumped to have had grindline, team pain and dreamland get their craft in this exposed aggregate. negativeion happyness

shag mix
shaggy in the midst of his first calculated mix

burnin the midnight oil

time to get the lip done on motts. tricky stuff, but will be worth the wait..

more block
joel hooked me up with some canvas for my acid experiments. turns out they are the same blocks that were on bills ramp. now i have even more burly blocks

esc mold
this could be the icing on the cake. duval coping coming soon

team pain overtime. these guys have been helping me bigtime from the start and before. precision and experience make them right for any skate job

acid stained
lance nailed the acid stain on the team pain blocks

layering it has been a daunting task, especially w 2 people

itsa puzzle with pieces that are bigger than you, but you can cut the pieces down to make them fit, but you cant cut too much or youll have too little

behind the scenes of a hip- a jerry rigged hip

this is some higher power telling me to hurry up and layer it

this thing has been the craziest puzzle. so far i bought 6 bags of crete to make footers, and big headed screws for the final layer. thats it. no wood. and look at this monstosity. things solid

skatelite start
this shot might help you plan out your lines

it seems like it will be the coolest deck ever

kurt said it was hectic, up from the main mini, up the quarter on the deck was casual, but down the quarter, up the wedge deck, across the 2' deck, acid drop down into the ramp looked real wild

kick it
a wall to kick off, jump off, grind on, ride on, rest on, fall over...

no wood leaves
our scrap wood has been reduced to piles like this. recycle or die!

quarterpipes in the sky

nitetime cuves
we were just tackin it up, next thing you know we got this

colorado weather can be a bitch

this quick hail storm made for alot of snow on the ramps

trying to come up w a name for this place. possibly 'the yard'...

up n down
levels are always fun. heres some ups n downs, making motts ramp even more interesting

the invisible fence is up. we are invisible to the real world

wonder womans jet parks here
wonder woman powers activate

the holiday means extra time to work on the ramp. behind the scenes stuff is taking precedent. reed wall, layers of carpet insulation, setting the coping, painting the under layer...

yep, there will be an 80s sorta escalator, sorta

this is the pre-existing chain link fence with 10' bamboo stakes attached with metal clamps from the old broomfield park, and then old wire fence strung between them and black mesh hung over all that with lances fish hooks, and then wired down with reed fence over all that, next to bills existing sectional leveled and extended and plyed and insulated and carpeted

this aint no girly ramp anymore

gregs idea
bring on the twisted oververt

shouldnt this be a bowl

cumin along
32' of steel coping. 1 piece from gerricks old ramp, 1 from the new broomfield park, and 1 from under bills ramp

there it is, some new conglomeration for 2 minis

fuk yea
were thinkin the beer boys could play up here

bang! arvada army comes out with kids that work. bills ramp now has both layers on

just ripped on the 32 footer, ready for sk8lite

back on track. 2 crews have been working it out. bustin ahead, sculpting the dream of a recycling wood lovin mini ramper

not quite it, but you get the picture

motts ramp (in the background in chunks) almost has a new home (on the deck, with the lip 20 inches back and 20 inches higher)- years later

snow and rain for almost a week kept the work minimal, till today

got vert?

the workforce has been steady. miniramp fever is upon us. lance, curt, stranger, greg, nels, brisco, jimbo, keith and terrill are all thinkin up lines

ribbed in 3 days

the puzzle wasnt that easy. the sections needed at least 2 people to move, lot of templates had rot on the bottom, there were no labels (next time ill know), and different sections needed certain complementary pieces. in the end, it wasnt to bad. lots fell right into place, missing ones were made, strings were pulled and team pain crete was eyein up the level

we pulled bills ramp sections apart so we didnt have to cut but 1 tranny template

nail guns and pre existing pieces made things come together quickly

the flat
mott and jimbos flat with bills 7.5 trannys cut to 6

i had the space to put them, for a while. then team pain started workin up in broomfield and had to demo the old park. i got alot of steel frames from that and things got rollin. now i had a flat that wouldnt rot (and be repairable) and barely and space left to move things around. after the fullpipe and a zillion other thoughts, i settled on a nice wide mini.

the foundation

ive been collecting ramps for years. i think woods the shit- so easy to build with and add to or subtract from. plus look how much gets thrown away- hundreds of ramps a day go out in construction dumpsters. so i was just waiting for my chance to recycle some into something special in my backyard.

the collection
the pieces still together are from bill ross's, jimbos, and motts. piles make up tucks, the thrifty stick mini and scraps from work

the block
block from the fallen warehouse, vans westminster, the pimple pool, and the roman up i25