rampbook now give me millions

backyard beast 5/15
phase 3 6/12 - 5/13
phase 2 6/11 - 5/12
the west wing build 3/11 - 5/11
skate 7/10 - 11/11
construction 5/10 - 8/10

1/2 ply
3/8 ply
exterior paint- camo colors

dont park on my street

Fueled by

6th annual memorial day

its like the raddest mini ramp on
top of the raddest mini ramp
-peter gunn

holy shit, its the boomerang ramp
-mike cruz

its where ramps go to get skated

Whats in the Recycler?
bill ross's mini
bad egg mini
jimbos mini
tucks mini
breakfast mini
boulder vert ramp
(that moved to the church
then to a private spot)
kevins indoor mini
bowl trolls mini
rickys mini

parts of...
the fallen warehouse
thrifty stick mini
vans westminster
old broomfield park
espn/woodward park

coping from...
bowl trolls beer cans
james's old penrose
university pool
best buy roman
joels 80 block stash
team pain crete
broomfield park steel
ricky martin

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Foto Feed

the time lapse of 2 months
2 month time lapse reduced to less than a minute


i want it to progress like the skatecolorado ramp, something new every spring. so for the 1st year anniversary we bowled 1 end in. the drunken napkin design ended up being the shit and the vert ramp jason hooked me up with ended up being the frame and final layer. not only did we have to build this thing, but we had to tear down a huge vert ramp (tim payne built it for a contest, then it became the boulder park vert ramp, then it went to the church, and then to this rich kids backyard) in boulder fast enough to keep the wood moving. the more i recycled, the less i had to buy, easy incentive, just had to work for it. in the end i spent about 2 grand on the west wing addition. screws, nails, ply, blades, and coping material mostly. not bad for going above and beyond my wildest dreams for what i would have in my backyard. this mini bowl is my favorite thing ever. mad props to those that made it happen. merk (east coast ramp design), greg, greasy, billy, troy, jack, bruce adams, big ed, marshal, tuck, wastell, matty, terrill, steve, keith, mikey, ricky martin, roth, sessions, james, mitchell, bowl troll, spidey, emag, brisco, charley, gerrick and sba people


space to grow
someday this will get capped somehow

the west wing is the shit. another option for bowlin in that mini

ext ov
more fun and more challenging than you can ever imagine

dont cross the white line

launcher to pro status

levels from up
one of the raddest escalators ever

the yard


recycled recycler at the recycler


yeah yeah, i know i said i was never gonna do roundwall, but i couldnt pass this design up.
what shape is it? a limp dick


ov init
levels of fun

hip n

hip side

the hip n pocket

hip abv
this area is pretty unique. a setback ledge by a hip with a kicker off the back of it

cement and recycle area
greasy's (or troys) concrete sector


nother view of the limp dick, or west wing
i feel like we stepped it up a notch from pouring a lip in place. team pain let us use their molds, so we poured our own blocks. they are really hard and have the same profile as a penrose block. for the 19' rad wall we have to make a 40' rad block and then cut it in half. should make for a great grind

ohh where do these things go

the jerk
merk the jerk

old sk8lite
36 sheets of used skatelite. they were probably 10 years old

new sk8lite
ahh 18 sheets of new skatelite for tearing down a ramp (mostly w gregs truck)

find a stud
play find a stud, mark a template with merk sometime


where does it go?

layerin 2nd
every piece of ply on every layer of the tranny was a bitch. we had an extensive washer/screw procedure to make sure all ply was sucked tight

layerin 2nd
always moving stuff around so its outta the way, or doesnt get trapped

layerin 2nd


merk in it
merk, workin in the rocket pocket.

above hip
12" rad 70 degree hip into 8 feet of flatwall


greg ripped thru most of the ribbin in no time at all. 3 cuts each board, no 2 the same. avoiding, cutting and removing screws, nails and timber locks. using 20 year old wood we just ripped off the ply of a useless ramp. this is what the recycler is all about.

ribed 4 pleasure
thats about a 60 foot lip that escalates down 16" over the whole length. people standing there wouldnt even notice it

old stuff
this things held toghter with green karma, not split used 2x6s



ribed 4 pleasure


shits rock solid

rocket pocket
7' rad top, 7.5 tranny cut to 6 feet 125 deg- your looking at the focal point of some crazy shit

theres a good view of the 19' rad kidney wall at 125 deg

onto the rocket pocket
i was barly ahead of greg and merk setting templates. had to dig and level and support before shit was inaccessible

here we go again. merk came over to start on it. i really wasnt ready, but when would i be ready?

starting from the bottom, smashed chunks of an old concrete slab are used to level steel bars from the old broomfield park