my next vacation

cams one of the few who can get me to cali. arvada armys not holding back


left hander in the park system

james, but the other way. broomfield
kidney spiker photo


bringin back the past

tuck, steve, jimmy, roller dave, beaz and a few other coloradians are about to be blessed with old lines from back in the day. the indoor hanger replica, w/ the other bowl is about to go down in arvada. team pain will also be putting a host of other replicas around the area. lafayette is sealed for somethin sweet.


movin a swamp



the beer boys

it started off as a jam for van, now they have web spaces and grip tape logos

the beer boys


uppin the ante

team pains been making so much great new stuff out here in co, its like they live here or somethin. theres the bennet pool, huge colorado springs park, ft collins public pool and now this roxboro gem. feast yer eyes upon penrose on the pool and tetters coping on the bowl. its those little details make this the best park in the state




cheyenne skatepark

this will help fix all the cracks and other repairs needed. it also makes the cheyenne skatepark a recognized landmark in cheyenne


lil g

we caught up with alex, glen charnos little protege at the new nederland park. turns out he blew the fuck up and beat benji and company down in fl. congrats lil g

lil g


indy outcasts

it must have been one hell of a tour, that independent 30th aniv tour. look at the roster, watch the vid and check out the spots. the seshes around denver were epic. what cracks me up is cam and i hate indys and ride other trucks, yet we made the vid! puts a lil smirk on my face


summer of parks

dreamland just got done with snowmass, team pain just finished 22,000 sq ft of bowl in the springs, california skateparks just finished brighton and bowlin up stuff in parker, and airspeed is finally getting nederland off the hippy map and on the gnar map. jez




pave the wilderness

one of my dreams is coming true! dreamland is breaking ground in snowmass colorado. team pain is also breaking ground on their biggest park ever, down there in colorado springs


arvada army training facility

diner w the army


pain projects

team pain seems to be getting back into the colorado groove. the colorado springs park they are doing is huge (40,000 sf) they are also heavily involved in the bennett d.y.i. project, which is gonna have sick pool. still both are far from arvada and a few of us here in town are trying to fix that.


paper pleasure

the new balance zine is out and the only complaint i have is that its to small. i want to see more of my old pals, more of the old spots i use to hit, and more of the new places. check out the east coast and then some in this huge ass issue. available thru


bye bye crumbler

here goes another great wooden bowl right before my eyes. i loved this thing, so fast and tight and pockets unlike any others. the proportions on this were great and the coping stuck out so far you had to work for every trick in every spot. it wasnt called the humbler for nothing. the endless layer patch sessions finally came to an end. the thing had character and ill miss the lines it made me do.

say goodbye
we hauled alot of it off in wheel barrels it was so rotted


colorados fleet of new crete

the park in kremmling looks like a blast. its a mini bowl with some big stuff including a death box, oververt, escalator and great hips. that and winter park down the street are both grindline projects that will be done before the end of the summer. team pain is a bit away from starting snowmass but will build the benefit pool in bennet this fall. all we need is that dreamland crew to get something around here, then we would be back up to par with other great skate states.

older rumors

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