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the video is out now! (since '06)
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mountains of trannys has gotten nothing but sick reviews as the gold begins to disseminate across the globe. be on the 4front of the latest colorado gold rush, buy one now.

highlights include traveling along the front range with science and shaggy; hearing beaz's beer ratings; watching chet shred some pools; seeing locals like wrex and sessions toy with their turf; learning of the aussies cam and glen; being blown away by 2x world slalom champ jason mitchell on roundwall and checking out caleb's wooden masterpieces.

also, see tons of never seen before footage of your favorite roundwall pros on the king of the road tour; carbondale run; concrete challenges 1 and 2; and the dreamparks contest. all this in 88 minutes to give you a visual guide to sick skateboarding in the past and present colorado.

colofukinrado was the original project title, and its trailer is in this lil window. its an 11.3mb quicktime clip.

i couldnt have made this video without the help of a lot of good people that did everything from: lend me their computers, video cameras, personal footage, personal photos; to making rockin music; to sponsor support; to giving me different ideas among many other lil but helpful things. thanks because it was not just the time for this eye-opening colorado skate video, but for one that included different aspects of the much overlooked tranny skateboarding.

heres a collection of flyers and ads for the premier and video
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