encinitas ymca


location encinitas, ca
cost like $10 a session
pads fully
built by site design
hours no lights
more at sCal trip
lodown this place is pretty sick. you got the old x games bending vert ramp with all sorts of big boy toys. there a clover thats well built with some good depth. and theres the kidney pool that everybodys raving about. probably cuz its so big and mellow all the vert guys that normally flatwall it can adapt easy. thats just my take, its easy to skate, that i can tell you. id love to skate it again.

de vert
curved extensions, and oververt pocket, a hip, escalators, big rollins...

de kid
how about them tiles and coping between the stairs? ahh the deathbox is groovy

de clvr
that one wall is oververt, and pool coping

what about bob? i think he likes it out there