espn zone


location golden, co
cost about $12 for a 2 hour session
pads helmet
hours 9am to 11pm
lodown overall, this is a really well built park. everything is way solid and fast. the obstacle course is fun. the vert ramp weighs in at 11 with 2, and the boys seem to really like it. the bowl is stupid and a waste of space. the shape is lame, and the hip is kinda retarted because of the waterfall placement. these guys had tons of space and really went generic, maybe in a time pinch? the thing that really gets me about this place is how slippery it gets from all the dust. then we have to mop it so we dont die, meanwhile theres at least 5 employees making sure you are wearing your helmet and gear so you dont get hurt. hey assholes, why not get those employees to mop the park a couple times a day? thats smart safety.