location nederland, co
cost free
pads none required
built by airspeed
hours no lights, maybe snow
lodown ned is a cool little hippy town thats been trying to get a skatepark for years. apparently airspeed went out of buisness, but now they are back and built their wierd design trademark stuff, but nothin to outta hand

some vid in my colorado grinders section

i just dont know about a 12 deep bowl with a retardedly mellow shallow end attached to it. its so slow and your trying to get speed to blast a big wall. thats probably why they put a huge stupid rollin across 12 feet. if only the fence wasnt there you could probably push from the building and maybe get enuf speed to blast

lil g
lil gee leinin

cam backside disaterin in a neat lil mini pool. kinda reminds me of the old west seattle bowl, but this cove lacks the pocket space to make things really interesting

terrill rippin around the - street - course