spring canyon


location ft collins, co
cost free
pads no
built by team pain and locals
hours no lights
lodown this park has a bit of everything and it makes it so much fun. the pool shredders get distracted by the waves and doorway and street kids gets hooked on tricks over the stairs and deathbox. the pool is just right, more of a backyarder than not. and the sculptures are so versatile. every angle is different and keeps you thinking of how to utilize that. the copeless spine and channel and doorway are the only things i pushed for in years. that should change, when the city gets more money, team pains gonna come back and hook it up more..

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skate sculptures

sick ass pool. tile, stairs, tedder coping, death box, tight pocket, vert everywhere

joe fernandez feelin the place out

greasy over the mousetrap

cam over with a lipslide