location westminster, co
cost free
pads none
hours no lights
historic notes its probably a mile from the buried vans clover, and even better. so a landscape architecture firm made a real good bowl, but it needed the attention of experienced roundwall skaters throughout the process.
lodown it got to the point where my roundwall friends and i were real sick of going to these new concrete parks and seeing how bad things were being designed. just little things that make no sense and ruin good possibilities. so when we found out about design meetings for the westminster park, we decided to go and see how we could get a real park. with such a large presence of experienced vert riders there, the design of the bowl got a lot of input. after giving architerra dimensions, features and ideas, they came back with the present shape and we were all stoked. the final design ended up being a hybrid of title 10 in philly (9+1 in the deep), hailey Idaho (the love seat) and the skatecolorado ramp (mini oververt pocket). these bowls are connected with some crazy hips and waterfalls that only non-skaters could manage to put together. the hips and lines are not easy, in fact the deep end with pool coping is the easiest place to do tricks. then theres the stairs which make things even more challenging at that hip. the things i could complain about are minimal (mainly inconsistant coping in a few spots) and the things i like about it are the big coping, smooth pours, real vert and tricky lines. overall, its the best park in the state. theres all those ledges, stairs and rails in a row for the kids; and a gnarly vert bowl with pool coping for the older kids.