location line lexington, pa
directions about 45 minutes north of philly on rt 309
cost $7.50 for members (thats about $50) and $10 for a day (dont quote me on this!)
goodies arcade, shop
pads are a must
hours i think its like 10 to 10
lodown this place has lots to offer. a masonite bowl with an escalator, pool coping and rollin that spines into a 24' wide mini with an extension over the toilet. a huge vert ramp, i think 10 with 2 and about 40' wide with an extension. the obstacle course is huge and has lotsa unoriginal toys, but the ramp to wall is always fun. somedays you can find some rippers, but for the most part, its all bladers now. the bowl is usually not kept up with. check out my section on this place.