yeah ramptech

on a drunken late night decision, 3 of us decide to make for the opening of the latest vans park in dc. it was actually at the potomic mills mall in woodbridge, VA, which, at the very least, means it will be easy to find. just drive up 95 till you see the huge mall sign. so we get there and in no problem, just missing some early action like lance mountain and tony alva in the pool. oh well, there were alot of good riders all over the spanking new a/c'd joint. after everyone got tired of the mall, it was off to the ramptech wharehouse, where stories were brewing about the huge 18' diameter skatelite fullpipe, and how high lance was going. so we were on our way to investigate and get ripped.

lets start with pat clark who was going real big till he broke some ribs. Before that happened he amazed everyone with a sticker slap that replaced lances ridiculous placement. locals grant and ben killed it, as did old school eddie reategui. dave maxwell did a hell of a beer run fakeing in the pipe double fisted.

party favs
the glow stick girl rocking out to the live bands. brian seber getting a trash can shoved up his ass. ta jamming and hanging. rick and buddy's fruit of the vine viewing. free beer and food. people from all over representing.

thanks ramptech, that was fun!


pat grant
ed grant
joe dave

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