hewitt droppin into the negativeion

when i switched server plans, i would have had to pay xtra to get this up and going. and since the spammers know where this is, it wasnt worth it- time and money. so here it is the complete negativeion guestbook from november 98 to november 06


Fleming [10/3/06, 9:46 PM] 's info:
Just checking it out.

from Pottsville PA
no - but info for you [10/1/06, 5:02 AM] 's info:
The picture in your Copenhagen section is actually a miniature of Copenhagen around the year 1700 - for your information.... :O)
"The Copenhagener"
raiford [6/13/06, 8:08 PM] 's info:
I have some old shots of backyard axle-slapping. will send soon.
-love your sight
Travisimo [6/6/06, 1:24 PM] 's info:
sick ramp
phentermine [3/22/06, 4:27 PM] 's info:
Good site. Keep working, guys!
phentermine [3/13/06, 10:46 AM] 's info:
Thereis something to belive.
phentermine [2/21/06, 11:34 PM] 's info:
Thanx for your site. Keep it real
cskate [2/10/06, 12:33 PM] 's info:
Hey NegativeIon, I was going to feature a gallery of Hailey shots on my next update including some shots from your site and skateHailey.com.

I would be sure and give you some hype and a link. Let me know if your cool with that.
pillowhead [11/19/05, 11:48 PM] 's info:
cool site, sounds like you're gettin around and havin fun
nic [10/7/05, 1:13 PM] 's info:
Check this shit out!!


Biggest skatepark in the world - shanghai!!
cowtown [6/23/05, 7:11 AM] 's info:
I look @ the parks on your site &
drool. We're starting to get some
great spots in the mid-atlantic.
We are going to build a real park in Baltimore.
LBR [4/27/05, 5:03 PM] 's info:
Slipskins are great.
bowl troll [4/19/05, 2:26 PM] 's info:
thank's for great party at the darkhorse! sick vid. trip soon!
carvegrind [4/6/05, 11:28 AM] 's info:
jerry, i need some rails for my steve steadham board that im setting up.......you still got em? if so, how much money should I mail ya & to what address? hit my email up yo!
carvegrind [4/3/05, 9:15 AM] 's info:
GSL is looking SICK!
tommy [3/28/05, 8:48 PM] 's info:
yeah jerry ! thanks for the pics from halloween
Big 5.9 party and big chicas on 5/7 ! think about it
Hughes bachelor party is coming up soon
shred on!
mikeD [1/21/05, 12:08 PM] 's info:
looks good jerry! ...
Tobin,dave [12/22/04, 10:19 AM] 's info:
Who want's to live in portland for cheap. Room for rent. Must help dig and complete Bowl in wharehouse. Need skilled worker/skater.
Canuck [10/27/04, 4:04 PM] 's info:
Found a slip skins card you gave me at reggae show in Chucktown
Nice tour pics
How's little Jerry?
Still living by the beach in Charleston
flacosuave [9/30/04, 3:58 PM] 's info:
bowl troll [9/10/04, 1:45 PM] 's info:
combine forces!
handle [8/31/04, 7:17 PM] 's info:
Kick ass site. I have one thing to add.In your root of the fruit section, the second picture of blaize doing a front rock in the old hanger pics was taken at Z.T. Maximus in Cambridge, Mass (R.I.P.).I'd know that park anywhere. I grew up skating that park, every weekend for 3 or 4 years.they got pushed out of their building by the land owners about 5 years ago so unfortunatly that park is long gone. That place ripped. keep up the awesome work!
mmmpuddin [4/5/04, 8:25 PM] 's info:
FYI Keith Hollien is my uncle
wes [2/17/04, 5:03 PM] 's info:
way cool site. al carter pointed me this way
dave tuck has in the past.

i think we might be brothers who haven't skated
together yet.

Maybe you can dig my website http://localCHAOS.org
Best Cousin [2/7/04, 3:13 AM] 's info:
Hey I'm cousin Jerry's favorite cousin and I love his site. Keep rocking. I'll visit you this winter cous.

carvegrind [1/30/04, 2:23 PM] 's info:
sick Lapper shit.....gotta show marlowe next time hes near the computer
Spartacus [1/22/04, 11:57 AM] 's info:
Rebel ramp local from Georgetown.
Russ (UNDRDOG)Iglay [1/18/04, 2:37 PM] 's info:
Yo whats up?
Still skating hard as ever in Belmar,NJ.Got a nice 35ft mini, indoors nice soundsystem,private, if your up this way.Also have a new band called HUGE with my brother Dino from UNDRDOG on drums and Matt from American Standard on guitar, I`m singing, we will be playin` some local shows in feb?,march,and april.
Skate Hard and check out HUGE,
Conroy [1/12/04, 4:24 PM] 's info:
nice to see so many familiar faces.
John [1/9/04, 8:29 PM] 's info:
Quick correction: That overview of the Trashmore contest in Va Beach from Lapper actually took place in 85, not 87 (there was another pro contest there in 86 when the ramp was fiberglass). Thanks.
microedger [1/7/04, 4:40 PM] 's info:
Cool lapper pics, fond memories of Virginia
partyinyourpants [1/2/04, 12:23 PM] 's info:
Kool digs! Nic Pics too...

the handler [12/31/03, 7:25 PM] 's info:
some say im on brown acid after a trip to the gammas
jonstalnaker [12/8/03, 12:39 PM] 's info:
site looks great, keep up the good work

Glowookie [12/1/03, 9:49 PM] 's info:
this site makes me wanna sk8. come out and skate northern oregon and see what yer missing
with extreme finesse [11/30/03, 6:59 PM] 's info:
This is no other then the one and only "LULU". Yeah, that's right Jerry. Comin' at ya from no other then the most uptight EAST COAST poulation of conformity "ATOWN". Well, actualy on a friend's computer up in Walnutport. We just bought 12 acres of HEAVEN. Yes, that's right, we're along the foothills of "BIG BAD" Blue Mountain. Plent of privacy good for the.... "sunbathin" bare assed naked,wild parties,and of course the B-Mountain KB. Got you're website from no other then Prason. We hung out for a late night Thanksgiving Eve, like no other. Hope to here from ya soon. Web address is mshadynook1@aol.com.Please send a personal webdress to keep in touch and send some pics!
Backwards Will from southern Oregon [11/4/03, 10:56 PM] 's info:
Whas happenin? So I got some big things going on out here in S. Oregon. Were spending 10 million this year to promote tourism and so I got the Medford sk8 park on the chamber of commerces website as a tourist attraction. So were working on getting signs on I-5 that says Skate park next exit. Hopefully this will get the city to put more money into developing our skatepark into an indoor facility with a vert ramp and lounge areas with arcade games a stage and whatever else sound good. Also I have organized High school Skate teams to compete this spring. Were hoping to go state wide and Mike at Real action sports AKA Best of the west has agreed to help us put on the competitions. I got some other things in the works but I'll leave that to your imagination. The possibilities are becoming Unlimited.
1 foot [11/1/03, 4:29 AM] 's info:
I like it, I like it!
BULLIE B. [10/13/03, 12:47 PM] 's info:
Hey kds nice site. I'm just sitting at work wishing i was skating. later.
Keith Hollien [9/4/03, 10:41 AM] 's info:
This is Keith from the Static video. I have come out of retirement and I'm racing pro again. You can e-mail me or call me at (352)332-3754(hm) or (352)392-1951 ext.(wk).
Later Keith
Duc999 [7/25/03, 1:05 AM] 's info:
Your site rocks.
j.kooken [6/5/03, 5:25 PM] 's info:
J.kooken [5/25/03, 5:24 AM] 's info:
This is the most amped and amazeing site. I can not believe the footage and the extent at which other old farts like myself have gone to support their respective vertical habits. I have a 16 wide 8' tran. 1' vert with 8-9' flat going up in th N.East and have found and skate with other 30+ rippers in my adopted homeland. Skating is about the only thing that I miss from my youth in A-town, OC, and DC. Peace and Goodwill to my mentors at Lapper HQ and the Toketeam, without their powerfull examples skating would be somthing I did one summer and not a habit that has disabled me in more ways than one!!
todd johnson [4/3/03, 11:11 PM] 's info:
hey Jerry, dvd on the way. it is at my buddys getting dubbed now. send out tomorrow?
fuckyourocknroll [1/12/03, 1:33 PM] 's info:
the west is the best
tall trees
sharp peaks
big guitar
much beer
Mad Kat [1/10/03, 3:42 PM] 's info:
some of the sickest board ridin' i've seen!!
Psycho [1/6/03, 1:02 AM] 's info:
busted but not broke heelin up for the spring of 2003!!! pond fishin soon, HELL YEAH!!!
R Nelson [12/12/02, 8:30 AM] 's info:
Jerry, root of the fruit looks good. I swear I gots some more video for you! Wanchese is Ten with a twelve foot oververt pocket, got more lines than Dangerfield! Come see for your self... We all look forward to riding the Hanger! Grindline is coming our way. Stay tuned
Bruce Adams [11/16/02, 9:56 AM] 's info:
Negetive ion rules, Jerry is the shit, buy his video...it's worth it. Now go check out surfcolorado.com bitch.
SUMPTER FUCK [11/4/02, 2:49 PM] 's info:
what the fuck is up with wancheese only being 9 foot deep.somebody said there scared.charleston fuckin rips
halo [10/29/02, 9:48 PM] 's info:
To the ho in South Carolina (Nicole) that likes to call my house, say stupid shit,
and hang up:

I don't play childish games, you get one warning from me before you're lying in
a hospital bed after getting beat by a "little girl".

Your words don't mean shit to me, you are nothing.
Don't be a pussy, I'll be at The Hangar Friday, bring it on.
I'll be in costume, so look for the white light.

Fuck you.
chaumpa1 [10/2/02, 3:04 PM] 's info:
Whos going to Skatopia Oct 18th... Wanchese Oct12th?
pillowhead [9/23/02, 3:20 AM] 's info:
just surfing around
DJ RAS [9/5/02, 5:21 AM] 's info:
yeah Jerry ... finally . a way to chat in the open air
like the site .. check ours:
its changed a bit :)
the walrus [8/12/02, 10:56 AM] 's info:
you guys rule! check out www.sacrificeskateboards.com
no fresh just hesh!
Billy D [8/6/02, 4:19 PM] 's info:
Billy from Seattle via NC here. So finally, an update for Negative Ion, huh? Are you still in Colorado?
Got some photos of the finished Bainbridge park and what there is of Orcas Island so far in the Photos section of www.sinofact.com. Guess there's gonna be some blow out up there at Orcas Island this weekend w/bands, salmon bake, etc.
See ya.
Billy D
elfer [7/25/02, 4:36 PM] 's info:

You're ruling it. I can't wait to see the Odyssey Video and ROOT OF THE FRUIT

get some
Marc Corbett [7/20/02, 3:25 PM] 's info:
Wanchese Rules
David Collier [7/17/02, 9:06 AM] 's info:
wanna skate a fullpipe? they're building one at a new park in mooresville, NC known as "dewayne's world." it's still under construction, but it will have bowled in corners too.....sick.
David Collier [7/17/02, 9:05 AM] 's info:
where is dave maxwell?
how's denver [7/5/02, 3:07 PM] 's info:
Jerry, how's things? i have a three day weekend and no skateboard to ride i'm pissed. i have to drive to phoenix to buy a fucking skateboard. anyway i want to get up to denver this summer let me know when would be a good time. later, Ben
the j in angryjac [7/5/02, 9:07 AM] 's info:
see ya in the deepend...
Microedger [7/5/02, 7:07 AM] 's info:
Louisville roadtrip anyone?

up in the crookkks
chet gettin lippy in a denver spit gutter. jerry video

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