root of the fruit

got fruit?
jerry and science do. in our quest to make a true documentary about backyard skateboarding, we've been collecting footage from all over the country (and got a lil canada too). we discovered alot of skaters out there with footage of their trips and local spots that have blown us away. the archive is growing with fullpipes, pools, ditches, classic ramps, backyard contests, backyard bowls, cement parks of the '70's and much more. rare spots and ripping sessions throughout the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's promise to make this video a blast for any backyard enthusiast. this conglomeration of skateboarders, scenes, and spots will be edited down, and the results disseminated in a volume set called 'root of the fruit'.


this is your chance to get your favorite personal footage out there for the masses. send us your stuff in any format and we'll burn it to dvd and return your media with the quickness. in return for your footage, you'll receive a free copy of the video (or the whole series) and whatever else you can haggle out of us (bonus footage). another way to contribute is to purchase ad space in the video. and if your a company or business with footage, we can probably trade footage for ad space. need more to go on? we have an 8 min vhs trailer available to potential contributors. (although the web teaser below is way more current) volume 0, 'the big trailer', should be done by summer '03.


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root of the fruit
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