photos from everyone
these photos come from various people through email, photo passing and snaps of my own travels. i will try and give credit where i remember and i hope no one is mad i used their attachments without permission. thanks to everyone who sends me shit.

i update these pages pretty frequently, but will only mark the last 2 additions to each section. so you may be missing some stuff and might want to start from the beginning.

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concrete and pipes     6.11     1.11

backyard fruit     11.22     1.10

newspaper clipins


mikeD way back in the day


the lapper scrapper
lapper was a virginia based skate zine put out by my friend bruce adams. it started out in 1985 covering mostly east coast action. by the time lapper ended in 88, there were 11 issues, 2 calendars, and contributors from all over the country. recently i raided bruces tuperware, envelopes and boxes to find a shitload of great photos piled away. so the following pics are all courtesy of lapper mag. bruce adams shot most of the photos, but other photogs include horvath and tw herren.





virginia beach


vol.3 #2


the grind syndicate
so this should be a pretty interesting section, especially for you east coasters. al carter from georgetown south carolina sent me a bunch of photos from his old ramp, the rebel ramp, and other spots in the grind syndicate realm. so i have beaz lovelace, wendell and dave tuck looking at these pics telling me all sorts of stories about the places and people. so the captions might be like brief drunken stories.... lotsa blaize photos. some captions are by al. all photos are by al, except where noted.

farm ramp

old hanger

new hanger

rasta ramp

rebel ramp


al carter in his trick at his ramp


cams rock
in australia, they have rocks to sk8
so i went to check them out




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